Preventing Employee Falls in the Healthcare Workplace


This course includes tips for preventing falls in hospitals, long term care facilities, and in clients’ homes.

Simply by working in the healthcare field, the risk for falls on the job is much greater than in any other career. This inservice provides an extensive review of how to prevent workplace falls–whether your caregivers work in a hospital, a long-term care facility, or in client homes. Also included in this topic is the protocol or procedure to follow if an injury occurs from a fall while on the job.

  • Explain how working in health care increases an employee’s risk for falls.
  • Identify at least six common fall hazards found in healthcare environments.
  • List at least three ways each to prevent falls from spills, tripping, and weather-related conditions.
  • List at least three ways to prevent falls from poor lighting and uneven stairs.
  • Describe the protocol or procedure to follow if you are injured from a fall while at work.

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