Reducing & Preventing Readmissions to the Hospital


This course helps caregivers understand their role in reducing and preventing readmissions to the hospital.

Preventing readmission doesn’t end when a person leaves the hospital. In fact, that’s often when it begins! When a newly discharged client is added to your home health roster, the entire team accepts the responsibility to help that client follow discharge instructions, take medications properly and to make and keep follow-up appointments. This course helps caregivers understand their role in this process.

  • Identify clients at increased risk for readmission within 30 days of discharge.
  • List at least three ways that you can help clients 1) manage their medications and 2) keep appointments after hospital discharge.
  • Discuss the difference between symptoms that merit a call to the doctor versus those that require a trip to the ER.
  • Develop a plan to improve change-of-shift reports for caregivers that reduces or prevents readmissions.
  • Collaborate with the entire healthcare team to improve outcomes for clients at risk for readmission.

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