Working with NonCompliant Clients


An overview of the many reasons why clients may be non-compliant with their plans of care. Includes information on eight …

This module provides caregivers with an understanding of the difference between adherence and compliance and the consequences that can arise when clients fail to adhere to their plan of care. Caregivers will review the eight most common reasons why clients are non-compliant. The course includes tips on how to motivate clients and encourage adherence to physician orders on nutrition, exercise, activity, medications and more.

  • Define compliance and adherence and discuss why knowing the difference is important.
  • Describe at least three reasons clients may be non-compliant with their plan of care and how you can help.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and understand the Care Plan and state why it is important to do so.
  • List 4 things you can do to motivate clients to make changes and comply with their plan of care.
  • List 3 things you can do to help clients comply with diet, exercise and medication orders.

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